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IRC27667 - Lease Operator

This job posting is no longer active

Brief Posting Description

Lease Operator is primarily responsible for tracking production and pressures for all wells on assigned routes, performing general well inspection, maintenance, repairs and equipment replacements, and reporting other maintenance, production, health or safety issues to the Production Foreman.


Detailed Description

  • Make daily pumper run to check gauges, maintain equipment and report daily production.

  • Performing daily operational check of assigned wells and production facilities

  • Work with the production foreman to optimize artificial lift (plungers, gas lift, etc.)

  • Test wells to determine production rates and problems

  • May perform minor equipment repairs

  • Oversees activities of contract crews or coordinates activities on joint ownership wells

  • Abide by all health, environmental and safety programs and policies in performance of duties.

  • Routinely monitor all well batteries on assigned routes to regularly check casing and tubing pressures, gauge amount of oil, gas, and water produced by wells, and amount of time wells ran since last check.

  • Routinely visit all well-heads on assigned routes to inspect locations at least every other week or more frequently as directed by Lead Operator or Production Foreman.

  • May be required to answer call-outs for alarms outside of scheduled operating hours

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge, skills and abilities

    • Working knowledge of mechanical applications.

    • Mechanically-inclined.

    • Ability to self-motivate and work independently under little supervision.

    • Basic math skills.

    • Responsible and diligent.

    • Safety-conscious.

    • Personal computer experience or willingness to learn

    Supervisory responsibilities

    • No supervisory responsibilities


    Working conditions

    • Outside work in sometimes harsh weather conditions.


    Minimum qualifications

    • High school diploma or GED equivalent.

    • Previous oil fields experience.

This job posting is no longer active




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