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IRC26047 - Lease Operator

This job posting is no longer active

Brief Posting Description

Relief operate pumping routes for Lease Operators on vacation days off .  Days not on relief pumping will be spent working in the assisting on production routes or other departments as needed

Detailed Description

  • Manage fluid inventory on production facilities

  • Monitor production and sales of crude oil

  • Monitor and optimize chemical injection rates

  • Documenting well data in laptop computers (eVin)

  • Pumping unit maintenance

  • Perform minor maintenance and repair on natural gas engines
  • Ensure that wellsites comply with the State of Utah Regulations and Federal Onshore Orders to include cleaning up wellhead oil spills, dragging locations, and keeping locations free of weeds 


Job Requirements

  • Working knowledge of natural gas engines, pumping units, and production equipment

  • Previous oil field experience a plus

  • Proven record of working independently, under little direct supervision

  • Demonstrate good communication skills

  • Demonstrate a strong desire to apply innovative ideas in the field

  • Maintains all individually-issued Newfield equipment (including but not limited to vehicle, computer, and phone)


Additional Requirements

  • Must have a high school degree or GED equivalent

  • Must have a valid driver’s licence

  • Adaquate computer skills to work with MS Office,  eVin Field Data Capture System

  • Legible hand-writing and good grammar skills

  • Must be able to traverse uneven terrain on a daily basis throughout a 12 hour day

  • Must be able and willing to climb to a height of 40 feet throughout a 12 hour day

  • Must be able to push or pull between 25-100 pounds on a frequent daily basis  throughout a 12 hour day

  • Must be able to lift between 50-100 pounds on occasion, 25 pounds on a daily basis

  • Must be able to kneel, bend and twist multiple times throughout the day

  • Reports to Production Foreman

  • 8 on 6 off Schedule; some nights required

  • Will be required to work outside year round in all weather conditions

  • This job will require an agility test to verify applicants meet the job’s physical demands

  • New employees in this position will face a 90-day introductory period; official offers will receive more information


This job posting is no longer active




IRC26527 - Environmental Analyst

Brief Posting Description

This position will advise and support assigned business unit operational teams with regard to execution of SERC environmental initiatives and programs.

Detailed Description

  • Plans, coordinates and implements programs to manage environmental risk, and promote adherence...

IRC26507 - Sr Payroll Specialist

Brief Posting Description

The Sr Payroll Specialist will be responsible for the preparation, auditing, distribution, and reporting processes related to payroll for approximately 1,000 employees. This position is also responsible for ensuring the timely and accurate processing of payroll,...

IRC26387 - Lease Operator - LDAR

Brief Posting Description

Brief Description

  • An LDAR Operator is primarily responsible for operating IR camera doing leak detection surveys, and subsequently performing maintenance, overseeing repairs and equipment replacements as necessary to correct identified leaks. LDAR Operator tasks include...

IRC26347 - Lease Operator

Brief Posting Description

Lease Operator is primarily responsible for tracking production and pressures for all wells on assigned routes, performing general well inspection, maintenance, repairs and equipment replacements, and reporting other maintenance, production, health or safety issues to...

IRC26289 - Staff Geologist

Brief Posting Description

The candidate will collaborate with the geophysicists, petrophysicists and engineers working on the team to enhance evaluations. The candidate will have the ability to integrate geological, petrophysical, geochemical, production and other appropriate data and...

IRC26267 - Division Order Principal

Brief Posting Description

Facilitate the distribution of proceeds from oil and gas sales and collection of well expenses in an assigned region by determining the relative ownership of the Company, working interest partners and royalty holders through analyses of title documents and by...

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