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IRC26007 - Drilling Analyst

This job posting is no longer active

Brief Posting Description


Provide technical support to the operations team and liaise with the planning team, asset teams, and corporate entities needing to interface with the operational arm of NFX. 


Responsible for supporting the operations team with data governance and management, as well as assisting the planning team, asset teams, and corporate entities with putting data and information in the correct operational context. 

Detailed Description

Key roles and responsibilities will be to support the capital pulse process and financial workflows,  oversee data governance and maintenance systems, and facilitate quality geo-steering support from a network of contractors.


Capital Pulse Process

  • Drilling Schedule

  • Well Cost Updates and reconciliations

  • Learning Curve Management

  • Budget Inputs


  • Support Accrual Processes

  • Support Quarterly reporting on key metrics for both Drilling and Completions

  • Support Corporate press releases and maintain data for audit purposes

  • Maintain service company rate schedules


  • Oversee geo-steering pre-planning and processes

  • Ensure geo-steering contractor support is meeting the needs of the operational teams

Drilling/BU Team Support Tasks

  • Responsible for Spotfire Visualization Creation, data queries and audits

  • OBO Performance Tracking

  • Provide annual Well Control Insurance Data – Well counts, depth and cost

  • Perform data pulls and analytics from benchmarking consortiums to support the various stakeholders when conducting offset research for an evaluation.

Job Requirements

·        A minimum of five years’ experience as an Analyst or Tech with exposure to drilling operations.

·        Exposure to GGX

·        Ability to make cross X Sections and Prizm – Exporting Logs

·        Advanced working knowledge of MS Office products: Access, Excel, Word, Project, and PowerPoint

·        Ability to develop and maintain MS Access databases and Excel workbooks with VBA macros

·        Ability to develop and maintain Spotfire Analysis projects

·        Experience with CAD

·        Perform simple engineering computations, including basic algebra, rapidly and accurately

·        Attention to detail and ability to provide appropriate level of granularity for a full range of analytics

·        Ability to self-direct work load and handle multiple tasks  efficiently to meet deadlines. 

·        Successful candidate will be comfortable working with and manipulating “big data”

·        Excellent analytical and communication skills

·        Flexible and able to work in a team environment

·        WellView, SiteView, RigView experience

·        Bachelor’s degree preferred.

This job posting is no longer active




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